We’ve been taught the basics of oral hygiene from a very young age. We have to brush our teeth after every meal, if not then at least twice a day, not to have any sugary foods before bedtime, floss every day and so on. Of course now with every other lesson, we don’t always tend to listen and follow it, and then we end up learning things the hard way. Of course we won’t notice a big difference if we forget to brush our teeth a few times, however, an accumulation of bad eating and oral hygiene habits can later develop into actual problems.

Plaque happens to be normal in every teeth, since it forms a very thin film over our teeth. It can easily be taken care of with regular brushing and flossing. However, that does not mean that it is harmless. Plaque, when left untreated can accumulate and harden overtime, turning into calculus, which will become a center of disease and bacteria, cause discoloration on the teeth, leading to cavities and even tooth decay overtime. Calculus cannot be taken care of as easily as plaque, and in fact requires proper medical intervention. The only way to deal with calculus is through dental scaling, which is a procedure that requires you dentist to manually scrape off and remove the buildup around your teeth. It can usually be dealt with in a single session, however, it can take more than one session depending on your case.

It isn’t a painful procedure, however, your teeth will experience hypersensitivity the first two days after the procedure before things will go back to normal. Not every patient is eligible for the procedure, for example, cardiac patients, pregnant women etc. are not. To learn more or to book a consultation, you can simply look up dentist office near me to get a proper list and then decide where you want to go.

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