Electric bike is an ever evolving technology that is constantly being improved and growing at a fast rate. The item or component of electric bikes that is considered to be start of the art in the current times will be outdated when the newer version of this technology is created. Although it is not exactly like a PC that you need to update everything on a regular basis for its optimal usage. However, if you think that you are going to never have to update your bike then you are wrong, every few years it is best that you change the outdated parts.

In order for you to increase your understanding of electric bike kit for conversion it is important that you understand the basic terminologies that are used in this specific field. While you may think this is pointless but it will actually make things a lot easier, once you are completely aware of terminologies, you will be able to understand the user manual and will be able to use the conversion kit on your own without anyone else’s help. So without any further ado, let us now take a look at some of the important terminologies, check them out below.

Electric Motor
It is basically a device that runs on electromechanical principles and is used for conversion of electric energy to mechanical one. So this part of the bike does a lot of the major work.

Geared Motor Hub

Basically it is much smaller in size and lighter in weight but tends to have more rotation and torque and can enable the bike into free wheels. Usually the product is costly and tends to be much more complexed than people think. Which is why you need to purchase this separately from electric bike kit for conversion.

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