America is home to many great things and their TV shows are definitely up there with some of the best things you get in America. Now, a lot of popular American TV shows are only available within America, meaning that a Canadian TV service provider cannot carry them. If you’re in Canada and you want to watch more exclusive American TV, you’ll have to use a smart work around to get the shows you want to see.

On this page, we will tell you how to get American TV channels in Canada. There are certain TV apps that allow you to stream shows from all over the world and a great handful of them are especially great for streaming American TV in Canada. If your streaming service isn’t giving you the greatest selection of shows because of your area, then here’s what you’ll need.

A Video Streaming Service

There are many different streaming services that you can use to watch all manner of shows; Netflix, Hulu Live TV and Amazon Instant Video to name a few. These services offer shows and movies based on what’s popular in a certain area and what’s acceptable as well (we love American TV’s profane language but most governments don’t). To watch American TV on your streaming service app, you need to gain access into the service’s American servers.


Your VPN will be your trump card in this. To gain access to American TV shows, you need to connect to networks in America so that you can view their content as if you’re actually right there. VPN clients are pretty straight forward and user friendly, making it possible for just about any fan of American TV in Canada to extend their video sources.

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