Everyone wants to travel, but it is an exhausting, expensive and at times exasperating experience which is why not a lot of people tend to do it on a regular basis. However if you really do want to travel and want to make it a little bit easier on yourself, what you can do is apply a few travel hacks. Here are some of the travel hacks you can apply:

  • Book Flights Intelligently: Few people know this, but airlines tend to drop ticket prices for future days on Sunday and Tuesday. What this means is that you can book a Saturday night flight for cheaper if you book it in advance, say on Sunday or Tuesday. It should be noted though that the flight has to be the same week for the cheaper tickets to be available.
  • Book One Way Tickets: Most people tend to book round trip tickets if they intend on returning, but sometimes one way tickets that use multiple airlines can often be cheaper. This will help you save a bit of money and can also make the experience more comfortable for you. Remember to bring your return ticket with you when you are leaving, though, because you will be asked to show proof that you have booked a flight out of the country.
  • Take Advantage of Fare Notifications: If you switch on alerts you are going to be able to find out about last minute openings pretty regularly. These last minute openings are often incredibly cheap because the airline has already sold the ticket, they are just making the seat available again because the ticket buyer has not shown up yet. Having notifications on can really bring down your travel costs.
  • Try Trains Out: Planes tend to be very expensive indeed, but there is a cheaper alternative available: trains. Trains are not quite as fast as planes but they are often more comfortable and can be a great deal cheaper. Hence, if you are not strapped for time going places via train can be a great way to get to where you need to go without emptying out your bank account in the process.
  • Take Advantage of Off Season: During off season, places that would have been ridiculously expensive otherwise would be extremely cheap. For example, the Caribbean during the winter is going to be a surprisingly affordable option for you to enjoy, and while it may not be quite as nice as going to these beautiful places during the summer it will still provide you with an incredibly enjoyable experience that is going to be far easier for you to afford.
  • Avoid Traveling on Fridays and Mondays: These are days when businesspeople tend to travel, people that are used to paying a premium rate and tend to raise the prices overall for others as well due to their own preferences. Saturday and Tuesday are the best days to travel because flights are cheaper then.
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