The thing about equipment for disc jockeys is that there are categories for equipment and you can choose one category depending upon the type of DJ that you wish to become. There is a particular set of equipment which is pretty basic and every DJ would need it so we have decided to list that down and explain a bit about and it would help you in purchasing the basics at least and you can move your way forward from there.

DJ Mixer

When you are starting out, you would definitely need a DJ mixer and many professional DJs do not let go of their DJ mixer even after they become famous because they like the options it offers and like the traditional aspect of it. What is 180 DJ mixer reviews? The reviews would provide you with answers about different DJ mixers that are available in the market so that you can make an informed decision.


A very important part of the DJ setup is wicked headphones that deliver the perfect quality so that the music can be heard perfectly. Also, headphones allow the DJ to listen to the finished track in private.

Playing Gear

This is the audio gear and it can include anything like DJ controller, computer, mobile device, turntables, DJ media player etc.

Audio Interface

Of course an audio interface is necessary because without it, the audio would not be able to flow to the hardware or the software even.

DJ Software

The software is important to produce music but often a DJ uses IOS based set ups but that varies from DJ to DJ.


Last but not least, we cannot forget the speakers without which the music cannot be blasted out to the audience.

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