Italian farming stopped being as profitable as it once was back in the 1950s, but there are still a lot of farmers in Italy. This is because they have turned to a different source of income in order to get by, a source of income known as Agriturismo. This word basically means agricultural tourism, it involves farmers keeping their crops fresh and their fields beautiful and then inviting tourists over to stay there and have a lovely vacation.

When you think about agriturismo you might think that the experience is going to be decidedly quaint, but you would be surprised at just how luxurious the accommodations can be. The main event, which involves seeing life in a beautiful farm where cheese, olives and wine are produced fresh daily, is quite rustic indeed, but there are modern amenities to give you pretty much everything you need as well.

When you are at an agriturismi you are going to eat food that has been produced fresh at the farm and is cooked right before your eyes. Some of the finest wines in the world can be sampled here, and the food is absolutely divine. Suffice it to say that no one eats quite like the Italians do. After all, they have some of the most courses in the world for their meals, which is why so many people are eager to head out to an agriturismo lodge and see what it has to offer.

Another huge reason why agriturismi have become so successful is the fact that the Italian countryside is so breathtakingly beautiful. Indeed, it has some of the most gorgeous landscapes in the world, and once you exit the luxury of the lodge you are going to find yourself at peace completely surrounded by wilderness. This provides a vacation experience that is perfect for the whole family, but it is also quite versatile in that it can be the perfect spot for someone searching for romance and even for retirees that are looking to get their zeal for life back.

There are four main types of agriturismo that you can go for in Italy. The first is culinary agriturismo which is going to place a focus on fine foods and wines, thus making it perfect for someone that wants to enjoy the finer things in life. Another type of agriturismo is ecotourism based which is all about keeping the vacations as environmentally friendly as possible. Additionally, there is agriturismo which is all about pampering you, thus providing you with spas and other such comfortable amenities with a heavy emphasis placed on keeping you calm and relaxed. Finally, there is agriturismo for people that love to stay in shape, agriturismo that is all about horseback riding, archery, hiking and all sorts of other activities that would help you stay as fit as possible while you are on vacation. Whatever your preferences are, agriturismo is the perfect solution for your vacation needs.

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