Sleeping over a supportive base at night is essential for overall health and strength of the body. Depending upon the age and workload of a specific person, he or she should not only focus on getting those required hours of sleep daily but also choose the base wisely. A poor mattress can not only leave you with feeling back ache in the morning but it can also decrease your body’s immune system and slow down self-recovery process. According to various researchers we spend one third of our entire lifetime on bed and proper sleeping patterns can increase the lifespan of a person. Choosing a mattress can be a tricky and difficult process due to the presence of hundreds of options in the market and the difference of criteria among various buyers. One person might feel energetic after getting a 7 hours sleep on a mattress while the other will start feeling sharp back pain after sleeping over the base.

The most common type is open spring mattresses which are highly affordable and can be purchased from almost anywhere. They are very basic without any additional support to the lower back therefore they are only used for children’s bedroom or short term usage. The response time is not that high in these mattresses and their impact absorption is also quite low. If the base on which you sleep at night gets warm quickly and filled with sweat at night, then you should consider buying a pocket spring mattress. There are small spaces among each spring which gives a partial passage of air to flow between them. Purple mattress is becoming preferred by most homeowners as it is using a unique, pressure relief material for all types of all sleepers. Get the highest level of comfort and luxury from these mattresses.

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