A lot of men really want to be able to last longer when they are having sex. Many feel embarrassed if they end up ejaculating early on in to the act, and even more end up lying about how long they can last before ejaculating while having sex. All of this is a pretty stupid reason to feel insecure and a horrible reason to want to be better at sex. Men often end up comparing themselves to each other and that really screws with their head. When your mind is distracted during the act, you will not be doing well at sex.

Honestly the only reason you should want to be better at sex and want to last longer is to make the whole thing more fun for yourself and your significant other. Any other reason can just kind of throw you off your game and lead to you not even having fun when you have sex. So ask yourself is it time for an upgrade? Because upgrading to better sex and being better at it is an easy enough thing to do.

All you have to do is change up a few things you any person you have sex with will admit to you being amazing at it. First things first, use more than just your genitals. Many guys just go straight to the shot and begin with penetrative sex without actually doing anything before it. This not only makes it lame for the girl, but less fun for you. You should mix things up, use your hands and your tongue and focus on other erogenous zones as well. Providing your significant other with some oral sex will end up being a good idea too. In fact you could simply get someone to orgasm through oral sex and they will think you are amazing.

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