If you are a music enthusiast who is always following the latest trends while at the same time maintaining playlists of the old collection, then there is a huge online collection of songs that can be accessed on Spotify. It is a great interactive application where the users not only can store their favorite music in one place but they can also communicate with other users and share playlists with each other.

The app has many free users, but if you get distracted with the advertisement banners then you can sign up with their premium account for only $10 per month which is definitely worth it. The application has partnerships with various brands such as Apple and Samsung that makes it easier for the specific users to find it all in one place.

This music-streaming app has the highest number of users compared to any other site of the same category with about 80 million total users worldwide. If you can’t find a song in the suggestion options then you can simply type it in the search bar and instantly play it over your phone or computer. Apart from the standard music albums you can even search customized playlists that other users have created and they can be really interesting if you share common interests. If you have been using this app and it started lagging then you can find out how to fix it on the website at gpugames.com now. In order to create you first playlist you need to select it from the menu and end songs to it according to your preference. If you already have music files in your iTunes or local library, then you can simply import it to your account by selecting the “Import Playlists” option in the menu.

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