If you have a business trip or a vacation coming up any time soon and you are a pet owner, then you might want to think about finding someone to come in and take care of your pets on your behalf. While you are able to leave your pets along for a small while on a daily basis, you cannot do this for a long time. Our pets have a certain dependency on us and cannot be left along for long periods of time. While we all know that dogs are extremely emotionally dependant on their owners, many do not realize that our cats are also especially dependant and cannot be left alone for long. Dogs cannot really be left along all night as it can be very dangerous to the dog’s health.

Dogs need a consistent human presence and without it they can often fall ill or do something rash to hurt themselves. Cats on the other hand can survive a day or two on their own and can even be left overnight but after that they are very prone to becoming anxious. You cat may develop anxiety and start acting strangely. This can be dangerous as well because your cat might stop drinking water or eating food, which can be very dangerous for an animal that small.

To make sure your cat or dog stays healthy and stays alright you will want to make sure that there is someone who can come in and play with them and look after them. Cats and dogs that are used to being in a home need human contact and so it is important to arrange for a sitter to come in and take care of them. You can easily find a pet sitter Atlanta side by simply searching online for a pet sitter service.

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