If you travel around the world a lot, you want to fully explore every culture you come across and bring back as much of it as you can. Though you can have a great time with the locals, sometimes bringing back memories just isn’t enough, you want to horde all the souvenirs and exotic items as you can so you can tell tales about them to all your friends and family.

If you’ve been to the North American Indian Plains or to Bali in Indonesia, one of the most bizarre things that you can bring back with you is a hand crafted Indian Headdress. If you’ve read or seen Pocahontas while growing up, then there’s no way you don’t know what this is and secretly, you’ve always wanted one too. Well, now’s our chance to get one for yourself and the great part is that you have so many designs and sizes to pick from as well! Don’t believe us just because we say so, check this out. Here are a few reasons why you should take one of these home as soon as you can.

They’re Exotic

Unlike a lot of headwear from around the world, there is simply no mistaking the colourful feathery plumes of an Indian Headdress. They’re beautiful to look at and if you wear one, you’re bound to get a lot of positive attention from all those who see it.

They’re Works of Art

It can take a skilled artisan a full day to cut and dye the feathers and weave them into the head piece. There’s a lot of cultural history that’s weaved into these things which makes them a must have for anyone who fancies themselves an adventurer.

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