If you are a user of the Go Pro then you will know just how badly it needs stability. While we understand that the Go Pro was originally supposed to be used to get action shots, which can include a lot of shakiness and some distorted video, a lot of people now use the Go Pro for regular styles videos too.

Besides, even for action sequences, the GO Pro can still be too shaky and can often overly distort the video to the extent that it does not necessarily look good any more. So in this article we will be talking about gimbal stabilizers and which features make any gimbal stabilizer the best gimbal for GoPro usage. Now beginning with what makes gimbal stabilizer better than an average stabilizer.

The gimbal stabilizer will use a 3 point axis to it that uses various motors in it to keep the camera steady. These give you greater control over the camera stability and the angles and are even come with built in battery banks that will recharge the battery of the Go Pro and keep it running longer. If you are looking for the best gimbal stabilizer, then you will need to think about the way in which you use the stabilizer. The features that make any gimbal stabilizer better than its counter parts are the design style, the weight of the stabilizer, and how well it can fit in with your Go Pro. An ideal gimbal stabilizer will be one that gives you a good weight distribution without being too heavy overall. It will also need to be designed in a way that it can handle the weight of your camera and keep recording a comfortable situation. If the handle is uncomfortable or if the length is wrong then it can be uncomfortable.

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