If you are looking for some window covering then you might want to consider getting some roman shades put in. A while ago you might have thought that this was a silly idea as roman shades seem pretty dull and old fashioned, but now roman shades have come a long way in their redesign. People have begun getting brighter looking, more cheery and colorful looking roman shades now.

The roman shades have changed up their style and are back in style now. The great thing is that you can get them in a number of different looks and they can be customized to your preference to look how you want them to look. So if you are curious about roman shades and are thinking about buying them but are not sure what style to get, then just read on as we discuss the various styles and looks in this article.

So there are all sorts of styles and looks that you can work in to roman shades. Normally the more common looks are things such as the hobbled or overlapping roman shades. These roman shades slightly fold up on top of each other as they are pulled up. This makes it look like drapes going upwards in a very flowing manner. These types of roman shades are also known as the waterfall style, the ripple style, or the teardrop style. The folds keep going until the shade is completely open and goes down to the bottom on the window. This gives it a soft look that goes well with a more sophisticated set up. On the other hand there are also top down bottom up roman shades. These shades are great for controlling the light entering the room and can be opened from either the bottom or the top of the shade.

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