Traveling can be a pretty stressful experience, especially if you tend to travel independently which is to say that you do not take the help of travel agents and the like. However, our modern day and age has made a lot of things a great deal easier, and one aspect of the modern era that could help frequent travelers in particular are the various apps that have sprung up which are designed to make traveling a more wholesome and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Listed below are some of the most popular travel apps:

  • Luckytrip: If you are the sort of person that likes to travel spontaneously to new and exciting places, this is the perfect app for you. This app allows you to enter the name of pretty much any city and see for yourself the various things that the city has to offer. In fact, this app will plan an entire trip out for you, including places to stay and traveling arrangements by booking taxis, bus passes or anything else you may need such as a rental car.
  • Localeur: If you have a little experience with traveling you would know that the best people to tell you what fun things there are to do in a city are the people that have been living there for a long time. Localeur connects with these urban experts, giving you tips on a wide range of cities that you might be looking to visit. Although the focus of this app is, for the time being, mostly America, there are quite a few other cities that you could also look into, and the app will soon start adding more cities to its roster that you would be able to learn more about.
  • 500px: This app is more for people that are looking to get a magnificent experience from the comfort of their own homes. This app is a lot like Instagram in a way, if Instagram was populated by serious photographers that knew the ins and outs of the craft. Using this app you would be able to see what some of the most beautiful places in the world look like as if you were actually there. An added benefit of this is that you would be able to prep for locations by getting a good look at what you can expect to find once you’re there.
  • Musement: This app is all about helping you find out what a city has to offer, listing down the various events that are going down in any particular city. Additionally, this app allows you to buy tickets without having to open any other portals and pay for these tickets using Apple pay. This is highly convenient because you would be able to find things to do and buy tickets for them all in one app, which can enable you to have a truly great time in the cities you end up traveling to.
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