Neon signs have been around for over a century now, helping in attracting attention of the customers by putting up these bright neon lights was the way to go about it back in the days. Even now, certain vintage lovers are keeping up with the tradition of having neon signs as one of the most popular method of attracting attention of the consumer. To trace back the history to the origin of neon lights, you will see that they emerged during the late 19th century and the man who made them was a German Physicist who’s name was Heinrich Geissler, he was also a glassblower and had experimented with different intert gases including argon and neon. He was the first person who came up with it but with the evolution of time, his idea was refined by other scientists and they made sure that they advanced in technology where neon signs were concerned, although the design has not changed ever since.

In order to make a neon sign an electrified Geissler tube needs to be filled with neon gas but the catch is to keep it below the atmospheric pressure. However, many people have now switched to more efficient forms of lights like LED signs, but some people have still stuck to the traditional neon signs as it gives the vintage look and feel to everything. Following are certain factors to keep in mind while purchasing neon signs.


Neon signs are not like light bulbs or tube lights, because they have the tendency to burn out after a specific time period, at first the brightness of the neon sign will start to diminish and then over a period of time it gradually turns into nothing. So make sure you keep this in mind that you will have to frequently replace your neon signs after every few years.

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