If you are holding a party in your house or outdoors and want to go all out and be extra to make it memorable for your children then you should try to get inflatable games rental, this way you won’t have to buy them at all and you will be able to give your friends or children the best party ever and not have to spend excessive money either. Inflatable games are not only enjoyable for children, they are a great source of recreation for adults as well.

You might not be aware of this but there are a ton of varieties when it comes to inflatables, it seems like there is a whole new world of games out there that we aren’t even aware of. So in order to help you out in this and clear up some of the confusion we will be listing down some of the different types of inflatable games that you can rent for your parties. With that said, let’s get right into it. Following are some of the variety you might find in inflatable games, check them out below.

Moon Bouncer or Jumping Castle

There are several names for this inflatable and it is super fun to go on because you can jump and have as much fun as possible. There are two types in this one that you can buy and set up in your own house and the one that is commercially used in parties and they are humongous in size and cannot be permanently kept in the house.

Inflatable Slide

Another very fun kind of inflatable same is that of a slide. They can even be attached to the pools as well. depending on how you want to use them, they can be super fun to have in an outdoor party.

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