We are all aware of Netflix and the streaming services that it provides. What many people do not know about Netflix is the fact that much of what you are able to see on Netflix is affected by which country or region you are in. Netflix is unable to give people the same sort of access to every single TV show or movie because each TV show and movie has its own rights and these prevent them from being aired in a different country as they cannot profit from being streamed in those countries. Sometimes other countries may not allow the shows to be watched there either and that can prevent you watching what you want. The Polish Netflix is affected more than most other area specific Netflix accounts and if you are out on vacation or are moving out of the country then you will probably not be able to watch netflix po polsku za granica.

As previously mentioned, the major reason behind any of this happening is that the TV shows and movies that Netflix shows to you in Poland that are not Netflix originals are the content that is created by producers and creators in Poland and they have only really given airing permission to Netflix for the country of Poland. So if you go outside of Poland, you will be unable to watch what you usually do even if you have paid for the Netflix service in Poland. While most people will deal with this in an illegal fashion, it can have drawbacks. Depending on the country you are in, piracy can get you a lot of jail time and is morally wrong. However, what you can do legally is to download a good VPN service and change your location to Poland to watch your shows.

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